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  • Posted on January 11, 2019
  • The traditional learning method is enrolling in school and taking up a bachelor’s degree. We have this mentality that Tai Lopezafter finishing school, doors of opportunity open and the possibility of success is high. But don’t you know that some of the most successful people don’t finish college? They don’t finish school not because they don’t want to but because they have to. Most of them do not have the financial resources to finish school. What they do have is the mindset, skill, and never give up attitude. The skill set is something that can’t be learned in the four corners of the classroom.

    Don’t you know that there is a new way of learning? It is called MentorBox. It is designed for people who want to expand their knowledge and level up their skillset. It is the innovative, fun, and engaging way to learn straight from the most credible authors and thinkers. MentorBox is designed for people who want to become successful but want the non-traditional way of learning.

    How Tai Lopez made learning possible with Mentor Box

    MentorBox made learning possible by cultivating a habit of reading without having the need to spend hours a day reading the entire books. MentorBox provides handpicked reading materials summarized by authors and mentors making sure that you will be able to get the key points of the books without reading the entire books.
    Aside from the reading materials, you will also get audio summaries, workbooks, video lectures, and cheat sheets. All these materials will make learning possible even in people who are not fond of reading. The reading materials are carefully handpicked by highly credible mentors, which means that subscribers will be able to get practical topics that they can use in various aspects in life such as business, career, leadership, wealth, networking, habit building, and so on.

    Subscribing to MentorBox will let you access the Mastermind Group wherein you get to network with like-minded people including authors and mentors. You will be taught directly by CEOs, authors, and successful entrepreneurs. The kind of reading and learning materials, as well as the experience you can get from MentorBox, is something you cannot find elsewhere. Not to mention, the subscription to MentorBox comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked!

    Get to know Tai Lopez and the men behind MentorBox

    Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez were the founders of MentorBox. Alex is an entrepreneur and a former NASA scientist. He was able to launch over 30 companies and enjoyed $1 billion in revenue. Alex realized that his accomplishments are all because of the inputs and experience he got from his mentors which are successful entrepreneurs, top CEOs, and highly credible authors.

    He wants to share his expertise and experience with the world. He came up with a product called MentorBox, which is now the leading primary learning platform for people all across the globe. Tai Lopez partnered with him who is also a wide reader and a successful entrepreneur. Together, they introduce a new way of learning in the form of MentorBox.

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